At Callza Communique, we can help you connect with your customers with our complete range of outbound BPO services. With our domain expertise in outbound contactcenter solutions, high-level of expertise and experienced outbound sales center representatives, you can be assured of quality services.
Outsource outbound contact center services to Callza Communique and we will help you to increase your sales, follow-up your mailings, test unknown markets, develop good customer relationships and make your business a success. Outsource now and get access to these advantages.
Callza Communique 's Outbound BPO Services We offer an entire range of outbound BPO services


B2C and B2B acquisition solutions that connect marketers to prospects with the best chance of becoming customers. Shortening the sales cycle not only impacts revenue, but it cuts costs by streamlining the prospecting process. ITS acquisition tools give you the power you need to prospect less and sell more.


Callza Communique can help you design and deliver effective customer satisfaction surveys, which can help you understand what your customers need. This information can be crucial in helping you re-design processes and change policies so that you serve them better. As your outsourcing partner, Callza Communique is committed to providing services that can help you take your business to the next level


We get you appointments with the right people. Enhance your sales team's chances of closing a deal by partnering with Callza Communique. Various industry sectors have successfully associated with us for superior appointment setting services. Make sure you complement your sales team and meet the people who matter.


Our lead generation experts know how to penetrate a screen, get a decision maker on the phone, generate interest, probe, and ask the right qualification questions to determine those who are your best prospects


Callza Communique programs are predicated on gathering insights about customer's expectations, preferences and aversions that are then used to inform the design of satisfying customer experiences.


We provide high quality, cost-effective online data management services that can improve your operational efficiencies. Unleash full potential of your database by outsourcing your database management and development services to Callza Communique.


Speed is the name of the game, and by leveraging Callza Communique throughout your sales department revenue will increase, while customer retention grows. Whether you're employing intelligent media distribution to allocate inbound traffic to your best closer or allowing sales reps to use pre-written questionnaires to qualify leads, sales organization can tailor their approach to meet their needs to close business faster.


Referrals are warm leads that convert better and faster than any leads generated through online or offline marketing initiatives. Creating customer advocates and harnessing them to drive more referrals is a key component to all successful, growing businesses. Which Callza Communique delivers you.


Callza Communique can help your company to quickly increase your customer base through -effective lead generation, phone consultations or face-to-face appointments. Your company and sales professionals can concentrate on making the sales, while we handle the cold calling. We also specialize in real estate cold calling and insurance cold calling. Partner with us today to reach more prospects and increase your bottom line.


Often, the first contact with the debtor represents the best chance for debt recovery, so representatives need to have all the tools necessary to make the most out of those calls. With Callza Communique, representatives can review important details about each debtor, take notes, use scripts and worksheets to ensure consistent and effective communication, and update the debtor's contact information. By providing representatives everything they need within a single application, you can ensure that they can focus on conversations with debtors, rather than using their workstation.


We provide you three types of market intelligence; Competitive Intelligence Marketing, Market Intelligence Research and Online Marketing Intelligence. In Competitive Intelligence we give you; Planning and direction, Collection and research, Processing and storage, Analysis and production and Dissemination and delivery. In Market Intelligence Research we provide you with; Advertising research, Brand equity research ,Brand name testing, Commercial eye tracking, Concept testing, Buyer decision process ,Copy testing, Customer satisfaction studies, Demand estimation, ,Marketing effectiveness, and etc.


You can count on Callza Communique BPO to provide you with a solid high quality source for all your mortgage lead generation needs. We also offers non exclusive mortgage leads generated from internet, by calls and direct marketing sources.


Brand promotion is a marketing strategy used to relay messages about your company to consumers. Callza Communique can help you stimulate awareness of your product or service, foster customer loyalty, increase sales, and boost company value.