Our outsource call center functions to deliver results and improve the customer experience. Callza Communique has a proven track record of developing contact center solutions and delivering across a wide range of vertical markets, including:


Callza Communique understands the complexity of managing a multinational non-governmental organization. We'll work with you to solve critical business issues through technology. We offer multi-vendor services and local support wherever you are and deliver services consistently across the globe through our global service delivery platform, allowing new features to be rolled out within days.


Callza Communique's applications such as the provision of claims information, customer service, answering business inquiries, transactions, and policy revisions. This would eventually result in increase of customer's trust and generation of new customers.


If a company building medical lab equipment has almost no market outside of the medical industry. It is highly ineffective for the company to advertise its equipment to the general public, as most people do not have a reason or enough disposable income to purchase medical lab equipment. Instead, Callza Communique any would advertise in medical industry e-magazines, on medical websites, and at medical conferences so the ads would reach their target audience. Hence increase in their sales.


Maximizing your success in the Federal market requires a deep understanding of risks and challenges driving the critical government IT decisions. Knows that better market intelligence is just the start:you need both a plan and the resources to execute it successfully. Callza Communique's experience navigating a complex federal procurement landscape, both strategically and tactically, can help you build a plan for influencing decision-makers and moving through the procurement cycle to contract and success.


Callza Communique derives its success from its clients. We ensure we have an intricate understanding, not only of our client's business but of their specific needs so we can provide strategic counsel ensuring that we design infrastructure technology solutions that will address not only their business imperatives but challenges as well. We design, build, optimize and maintain end-to-end hardware infrastructure and technology solutions that drive comprehensive, value-adding, client specific, affordable integrated solution offerings.


Callza Communique understands the financial challenges faced by banking, capital markets, and insurance and market infrastructure institutions and recognizes that IT is key to addressing both challenges and opportunities in the industry. Our solutions and services cover specialist areas such as; regulatory compliance and security, electronic trading, visual channel banking and but not limited to branch of the future. Our range of service offerings will help you assess, implement, monitor, maintain and optimize your IT environment.


With the rise of mobile devices and pervasive shopping, the integration of real and virtual worlds can begin in earnest. Specific tactics like e-commerce and social media are just the start: Retailers must find ways to build a differentiated Omni-channel strategy that builds brand value while selling; engaging digital experiences are a must. Callza Communique's experts have done it all before and they've done it with the strategic insight and tactical expertise you need to refresh your brand and an entire industry. We look to ensure that we service our clients in the retail sector with modern and up-to-date technologies so that they are able to meet and exceed customer expectations.


Technological innovation is transforming the manufacturing industry and can be seen at almost every point of the supply chain. IT is a key enabler for critical manufacturing processes – from product design and build, to customer care and after-sales service. IT operating models include the use of cloud technology to reduce costs and optimize the use of resources. We can also deliver collaborative and integrated platforms to help drive productivity in your organization while ensuring supply chain resilience and performance. We can create Digital Factory, built on an integrated IP network, gives you real-time visibility of your factory floor – right through to the back office, distinct physical assets, workers and mission-critical processes.


Our experience includes driving the higher education marketing strategy for Fortune 500 companies, serving on boards of higher education institutions, and working directly with institutions to drive what matters most to them. The structured support is invaluable and many clients are increasingly reaping the benefits of having a well integrated system together with support services attached. The service level defined within each agreement is to provide schools with the support which enables users to achieve maximum potential from the investment in ICT resources. We have a vast selection of innovative solutions available to our clients and this ensures we are able to bring to the table the “best of what is on offer”. A success in this area is described as follows; we provided an infrastructure that allows an efficient use of the IT staff time, but at the same time a system that was flexible enough to adapt to the needs of each teacher.